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Who doesn't love a good sale? For the next couple of days, Facebook followers and Email subscribers will be able to take 50% off whatever their heart desires. With such a great deal, it may be hard for some to decide exactly what to grab. I decided that I would try to help by sharing some of my favorite pieces and why I love them.

Sleeveless High-low Crochet Tunic

What I love about this top is

its versatility. As you can see, from

this picture of me on vacation, it

makes a great swim suit cover up. I

also wore it the entire day over my swimsuit as a top. This could also be

done over whatever top you choose.

The possibilities are only limited by

your personal style and creativity.

Sleeveless Floor Length Maxi Dress

More often than not, casual maxi dresses aren't quite long enough for

those of us who are5'7" or taller. At 5'8, plus 3" inch heels, this dress still passes my ankles, and I am in maxi dress

heaven! I also love this dress because of the super fun pattern pattern mix.

Another huge bonus of this dress is IT HAS POCKETS! For some unknown reason, women's fashion is short on pockets, so it's always a fun surprise

when a piece has a set of deep, fully functional pockets. Then there's also

how stretchy it is. One customer even shared with me that she was able to

wear her regular size in this dress at 9

months pregnant!

Neon Tie Dye Swing Dress

This dress had me at pockets, but

what really caught my attention was the fabric. Soft is an understatement. This dress feels absolutely amazing to the touch! It's made of a brushed jersey

fabric that you are sure to love. Comfort is inevitable. I also love the bright, bold, neon colors of the tie dye print. Neon colors have been trending for quite a while, and I am all the way here for it.

Soft Knit Off Shoulder Top


Distressed Skinny Jeans

Fashion, like history, often repeats

itself. Retro is always trending, and I can

not express how happy I am that we have

returned to off the shoulder looks I

remember from watching 90s TV. I was too young to wear these styles then, but I am living for them now! Take away my nostalgia, and you're still left with a shirt so soft you almost wish you never had to take it off. Pair it with some distressed denim and you're ready to slay in some serious 90s fashion. Like the top these jeans are crazy comfortable! I have no problem admitting that I wear both pieces far more than anything else in my wardrobe.

I hope you've found my favorite things to be helpful as you decided what pieces to add to your closet during this amazing sale. It's not too late be get your coupon for this flash 50% off event. Join my Facebook group and check announcements to get in on this great deal before it ends!

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In a previous blog post, I put together a list of links focusing on body acceptance. I want to add to that by encouraging you to learn more about your body type. Why does body type matter? Knowing your body shape can help you make fashion choices that best compliment your body. I'm a firm believer of the saying "when you look great, you feel great," and being aware of your body type means that you will be able to easily identify clothing that will look great on you. I can't wait to dive into which styles best compliment each body type, but for now, let's go over some common body types.

Women with an hourglass body tend to have fuller busts, hips and thighs which are roughly the same measurements. Their waistline is well defined, and they are often referred to as being curvy.

Women with round body types tend to be top heavy with more narrow hips. Their waistline has less definition due to having a fuller midsection.

Rectangular body types are not noticeable curvy, but rather fairly straight. Like the round body type, women with a rectangular body will not have a well defined waistline. Their hips, bust and shoulders will have similar measurements.

The triangle body type can be described as being bottom heavy. Women with this body type will have busts and shoulders that are more narrow than their waists and hips.

The pear body shape is quite similar to the triangle. They are often used interchangeably. A woman with a pear shaped body will have a more defined waistline and a slightly fuller bust. Pear shaped women land between triangular and hour glass shapes.

Women with inverted triangle body types, similar to women with round body types, can be top heavy. They have shoulders and, often, busts that are wider than their hips, with waistlines that are less noticeable.

Much like other differences in physical appearance, no one body type is better than the other. However, it's great to be aware of your body type because it can be helpful in deciding what clothes will look best on you. Did you find this information helpful? Were you able to determine your body type? Leave a comment and let me know. Need help determining your body type? Click on the chat icon; let's figure it out together!

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Bandelettes are the most valuable undergarments I've ever owned. Ok, that may be a slight exaggeration, but they're definitely high up on the list. If you're like me and have thighs that touch, you have probably suffered the dreaded chub rub. If you haven't, thank your lucky stars. At its best, chub rub is uncomfortable; at its worst, it can make walking extremely painful.

Before discovering Bandelettes, I would wear shorts under all of my dresses to keep my thighs from rubbing together. Shorts were a great solution to keep this from happening, except in the summer months. Wearing an extra layer on extremely hot days was almost as bad as the pain that resulted if I didn't wear shorts. A few summers ago a friend sent me a link to Bandelettes. She went on and on about how great these thigh saving heaven bands were, and of course I had to give them a try. I ordered a pair of the black onyx ones, and I never turned back!

Bandelettes come in pairs and are worn around the thighs just below the groin area. I threw mine on over some leggings so you can see how I wear mine. On the top and bottom of each band, there is a strip of silicone that holds the band in place. Before wearing mine, I wasn't sure how well these would stay in place, but I was pleasantly surprised. They stay right where they belong, ALL DAY!! Sizing is fairly accurate, but if you're not sure what size you need, measure your thighs, while standing. As I mentioned, I ordered mine a few years ago, and as you can see below, they have held up extremely well.

Silicone Edge

Bandelettes are just under $20 on Amazon, and well worth the money. It is definitely one of the best wardrobe investments you can make, if you enjoy wearing dresses in the summer. Move over diamonds, girls have a new best friend! Have questions about wearing Bandelettes? Drop them in the comments. I'd love to help.

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