2021 Heat Wave Hacks: Beating the Heat in Style

Updated: Jul 3, 2021

We are less than two weeks into summer and there have already been news reports of several states experiencing record breaking heat waves. Cities on the northern West Coast are experiencing triple digit temperatures like they have never seen before, while the northern East Coast is also experiencing record breaking temperatures. With triple digit temperatures, it's more important than ever to know what to wear. These fashion hacks are sure to help you stay as cool as possible when the temperatures have you feeling like you'll begin to melt any second.

Light Colors

I know, light colored clothing stains more easily and it's

barbeque and ice cream season. Well, if you want to beat the heat, it's a risk worth taking. I won't bore you with the scientific details, but in short, the darker the color the more light (heat) it attracts. The lighter the color the less light it attracts. If you absolutely must wear dark colors, choose something shiny. It will still absorb more heat than a lighter color, but due to its reflectiveness, it will attract less heat than a matte piece in the same color.

Hang Loose

I'm not talking about the shaka sign, but rather how you wear your clothing. In extreme temperatures no one needs any added heat from being touched, by people OR clothes.

Loose clothing is a great hack for beating the heat. Wearing loose clothing allows for better airflow to your skin, which means you will cool off faster.

Fabrics Matter

I'm sure you already know that lighter weight fabrics are cooler, but did you know that the fabric content matters? Every fabric has its time and place, and knowing which fabrics to

wear and when can be extremely helpful, especially when temperatures are high. So which fabrics are best during a heat wave? Remember this fab five: cotton, linen, chambray, rayon and viscose. Not only are these fabrics breathable, but they also absorb moisture. Goodbye sweat!