Linking Into Body Acceptance

It's been said that the most attractive thing a woman can wear is confidence. So why do so many of us struggle with our bodies? There are more answers to that question than there are body types. For some, body acceptance has been a life long struggle, while others may be struggling to adjust to new found pounds. Whichever category you fit into, I have compiled some links that I hope encourage you on your path to body acceptance.

  1. These Swimwear Brands Are Proving Every Body Is A Beach Body: According to the American Psychological Association, most Americans have seen body changes during the pandemic. Many people claim to have experienced undesired weight gain while far fewer reported they losing more weight than they would have liked. This article is not only informative, but includes several swimwear brands ready to provide a great fit for various body types. - Read more on Forbes

  2. Body shaming yourself: How to fight the ‘pervasive sense that there’s something wrong with you’: Self-shaming is a destructive mind-set, Savelle-Rocklin said. “There’s a split between us and our bodies that happens when we body shame ourselves — ‘I’m against my body, I need to whip my body into shape, I need to change my body.’ And that is antithetical to a sense of well-being.” - Read more on the Washington Post

  3. Self Love! Effective ways to work on the art of loving yourself: It is not just important to love and care for others, but also ourselves. In this article, life coach and therapist Tiesta Duggal gives us several methods for learning to love ourselves. - Read more on India TV News

  4. 40 Body Positive Quotes Everyone Should Read: Sometimes positive affirmations can be helpful to jumpstart a positive attitude. Every body deserves to be accepted and celebrated, and you deserve to feel beautiful in your skin. Luckily, there are some life-changing quotes about body positivity that inspire us to embrace our bodies and all they’ve done for us. - Read more on Reader's Digest

  5. For Florida Locals Curvy Confidence meetups celebrate body positivity across Central Florida: I had to toss this one in for my local followers, because sometimes it helps to be in good company. Curvy Confidence is a social group that organizes events promoting the acceptance of all body shapes and sizes. These events are held in Gainesville, Jacksonville, and Orlando, Florida. - Read more on the Independent Florida Alligator

As someone whose weight has fluctuated 100lbs or more, back and forth, over the last decade, I know first hand that sometimes it's not easy to love the body you have. Body acceptance is an ongoing process that doesn't happen overnight but I hope, wherever you are on that journey, that you found these links to be uplifting, helpful and inspiring. Leave a comment and let me know what, if anything, resonated with you the most.