Say Goodbye to Chub Rub With Thigh Saving Bandelettes

Bandelettes are the most valuable undergarments I've ever owned. Ok, that may be a slight exaggeration, but they're definitely high up on the list. If you're like me and have thighs that touch, you have probably suffered the dreaded chub rub. If you haven't, thank your lucky stars. At its best, chub rub is uncomfortable; at its worst, it can make walking extremely painful.

Before discovering Bandelettes, I would wear shorts under all of my dresses to keep my thighs from rubbing together. Shorts were a great solution to keep this from happening, except in the summer months. Wearing an extra layer on extremely hot days was almost as bad as the pain that resulted if I didn't wear shorts. A few summers ago a friend sent me a link to Bandelettes. She went on and on about how great these thigh saving heaven bands were, and of course I had to give them a try. I ordered a pair of the black onyx ones, and I never turned back!

Bandelettes come in pairs and are worn around the thighs just below the groin area. I threw mine on over some leggings so you can see how I wear mine. On the top and bottom of each band, there is a strip of silicone that holds the band in place. Before wearing mine, I wasn't sure how well these would stay in place, but I was pleasantly surprised. They stay right where they belong, ALL DAY!! Sizing is fairly accurate, but if you're not sure what size you need, measure your thighs, while standing. As I mentioned, I ordered mine a few years ago, and as you can see below, they have held up extremely well.

Silicone Edge

Bandelettes are just under $20 on Amazon, and well worth the money. It is definitely one of the best wardrobe investments you can make, if you enjoy wearing dresses in the summer. Move over diamonds, girls have a new best friend! Have questions about wearing Bandelettes? Drop them in the comments. I'd love to help.